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Norwald 4/19/2014 6:53 PM
I my dreams a shadowy Night Elf haunts me. My traps won't work, neither my flare. What beast is this, what creature of old. Grabbing my soul in the night so cold. Dream it was, lingers during the day. By afternoon tavern song, the shadow is gone.
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Earned "Pen & Paper" 6/30/2013 4:46 AM
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Welcome to the Fellowship of Wanderers guildsite

Welcome to the Fellowship of Wanderers guildsite. This is a guild in World Of Warcraft.. We live on a server called "Defias Brotherhood" and we are a European mature and casual guild. We have room for all types of wanderers, as long as you are mature  and have a friendly heart. Its important for us in the Fellowship of Wanderers that we help our friends and care for the community. The Fellowship of Wanderers was born as early as 2005 . Guided by Master Dwarf Norwald, on July 2011 we decided to rebuild the ranks and give life to few new projects. The guild veterans together with the Officers and GM work side by side to ensure that new comers have the most possible help and feel home on theyr new enviroment.
.The Fellowship of Wanderers is a guild where members can feel free, stay casual, be happy, roleplay if desired and can be non-active for good periods(be sure to advise an Officer 1st in order to take note). The guild is for gamers, parents, mature teens and roleplayers.

If you think this guild would suit you, be brave and do an effort to get in touch with us in game or simply send an ingame mail or a message in this forum. An Officer will contact you back as soon as possible.

I wish you all A great time in Azeroth

Roadwarden Colinde


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All the Latest news concerning Raids are under the Forum Section!

colinde, Jun 30, 13 4:51 AM.
Greetings fellowship, the main page was getting a bit to heavy for all our victories so all the latest news and Pics concerning our raids can be found under Fourm-Raids.

Roadwarden Colinde

MSV Cleared! 21-06-13

colinde, Jun 22, 13 3:35 AM.
Glorious night once again! Only the Will of Emperor was missing , we went we slayed them and we celebrated.
MSV is now clear and now we are moving toward Heart of Fear. Will be more challenging, but ,by keeping up what we are doing now will give us very good chances to clear it whitout too mutch trouble, and continue our path to ToT.
Well for the moment enjoy the glory valorous Wanderers! See you on the battlefield!

Roadwarden Colinde